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Horse Racing

Sunny Farm is a training centre run by MVDr. Jiří Janda as well as a European centre for equestrian sport and agrotourism.

The following facilities are available for both horses and owners:

Stables for horses

Horses are stabled, at a professional level, in 24 boxes panelled with oak wood. The box sizes are 3.5 m by 3.5 m. Each box has its own water measuring feeder with the exact amount of water drunk indicated. The water feeder is registered as a patent at the Czech Patent and Trademark Office in Prague.

Carousel for horse moving

This facility is covered, with six sections for horse manoeuvre at a diameter of 15 m. Rubber mats, to enable the safe and healthy movement of the horses, cover the carousels’ surface.

Indoor riding hall

The size of the hall is 40 m by 15 m. The hall is illuminated by top quality, efficient lighting systems. Wooden panels to ensure the safety of riders protect the whole hall. Moreover it is possible to ride and train in the hall under all weather conditions.

Training track

The training track has an artificial surface along its entire length. This is the first hall of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe. The track is 1010 m long and 3 m wide. 240 tonnes of bulk rubber material was brought in for its construction. The track is maintained every day using special Cambridge rollers, which enable the safe movement and training of the horses after torrential rain and also when there are freezing temperatures. It is ideal to protect the horses’ motor system and significantly increases the rider´s safety when riding. The artificial surface track is protected by a protective industrial design made in the Czech Republic.

Jumping school

The jumping school is situated in the forested area of the farm. The obstacles have the same parameters as the Velká Pardubická Steeplechase.

Paddocks for horses

The paddocks allow for the psychological comfort of the horses being trained. Their fitness is sustained via a solarium, BEMER-VET magnetotherapy, and a water-circulating tank for sinew cooling.

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