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Sunny Farm has not only become a European centre for equestrian sport and agrotourism but also, importantly, a training centre for the racehorse coach, MVDr. Jiří Janda.

Accommodation at Sunny Farm has been awarded the THREE STAR certificate from the Union of Rural Tourism thanks to its apartments with fully equipped kitchens. A horse back shaped white gate greets visitors and an unusual information board decorates the entrance into the premises. Displayed on the left pillar is a skyline of the countryside surrounding the city of Chrudim and the ridge of the Orlické Mountains. The skyline gives visitors a detailed description of the main peaks found in the Border Mountains of the Pardubice region.

Sunny Farm itself boasts a beautiful view not only of the Orlické Mountains, but also of the Stolowe Mountains near Náchod; and you can even see the top of the Keprník Mountain in the Hrubý Jeseník mountain range in North Moravia.

Topographic information about nature, the local history and settlements of Holičky and Janovice, a village located nearby, are chronicled and presented at the farm. This in turn draws special attention from tourists and visitors to the farm and gives rise to a feeling of local patriotism in the local inhabitants and pride in the Czech countryside.

All information on such boards has been translated into English. The information boards and the kickstands have been procured with financial support provided by the local government of the Pardubice Region.

Sunny Farm was established as a limited liability company on 15 June 1993 and prospered, as a joint venture owned by Mr. and Mrs. Janda.

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