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Welcome to the Sunny Farm website. Are you a horse racing expert, horse owner, a fan of horse racing events? Then proceed to the HORSE RACING section. Would you like to get a general impression of the atmosphere of an indoor riding hall, the world of horses and their care? Do you want to learn how to ride a horse and learn the horse prayer? Then see the HORSES section. Haven't heard of a NO-DEODORANT stay before? Think of it as a stay on a farm where you can switch off and take a rest from the city. Are you interested in up-to-date contact information? Read our PEOPLE section.

Sunny Farm was established as a company on 15 June 1993 by MVDr. Jiří Janda, MVDr. and Naďa Jandová, PhD. The farm is foremost a training centre run by horse racing coach Jiří Janda. Facilities used for horse training include a training track with an artificial surface along its entire 1010 m length, the first hall of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe, and a carousel for horse mobility, an indooor and outdoor riding hall, and paddocks. There are bedroom suites (3-star) and a private restaurant with a lovely children's playground available on the farm – exclusively for accommodated guests.


Near or far, Sunny Farm's environs are ideal for family outings.
Let us present our farm to you

Let us present our farm to you

Before you come to visit us, have a look at Sunny Farm's surroundings in the skyline pictures section.
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